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A Thousand Lives

The Consumed Trilogy (The Consumed Trilogy #1-3) by Brooklyn Cross - Hardcover

The Consumed Trilogy (The Consumed Trilogy #1-3) by Brooklyn Cross - Hardcover

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Books #1-3 in The Consumed Trilogy - all in one beautiful hardcover!

Tropes: Dark Romance, Revenge, Anti-Hero, Touch Her & Die, Found Family, Serial Killer, Pyromaniac


My Father used to say that I was dramatic and weak and needed to toughen up. My mother used to say nothing. The only glimmer of happiness I had was my brother Asher. We could keep each other safe from the man that turned into a monster and the woman that let it happen.
Until I fought back.

After that, I was scarred for life and found myself locked in a room that was supposed to be safe. But safe for whom? For the doctors who tormented me, or for my brother who had put me in this place? I did have one bright light. Adalyn’s made me feel a little less like a monster. But they took her away too and released the inner demons in my mind that everyone tried so hard to contain.

No one was safe when a rabid animal broke free from its chains. Fire didn’t just cleanse my sins—It was the very essence of my being. There was nothing purer than sitting back and watching flames lick up the side of a building, consuming everything in their path. Some would say I was the spawn of Satan himself, and maybe I was?

But not even the devil could burn the world like I could.


Arrogant and a brat is how I would describe fourteen-year-old me until one night disaster and devastation took everything, including my family. I vowed I wouldn't stop until I found out who destroyed my life and made them pay.

Nine years later I'm Violet Clarke the best fire investigator in the state of Florida. My focus has never waivered, not even with the emergence of a serial arsonist that barely lets me catch my breath before the next fire is lit. Or even when the all too sexy Asher West storms into my life with a presence that is all consuming.

Will the ghosts of our pasts bring us closer together or burn us up in flames?

If there were pictures in the dictionary then my family would've been beside the word toxic. The only semblance of safety I had was due to my brother Derek. He would step in and protect me even at the sake of his own soul. That was until I was forced to turn the only family I had left into the police.

Nine years later I'm a captain of a busy firehouse and have purposely chosen to remain unattached to anyone by living a lifestyle that allows me to remain in control over every aspect of my life. That was until Violet Clarke decided to literally leap into my life and make me want things I never thought I would.

But old demons and family have a way of sneaking back into your life when you least expect it, and this demon is looking for revenge.


The world had turned its back on Derek West and called him a monster.
My best friend wanted to protect me from him.

When I looked into his eyes I saw a man broken from trauma and abuse. His heart was scarred worse than his body but it beat for me.

From our first touch, he ignited my soul and set my heart ablaze. I loved him and I was never turning my back on him.
Derek never had anyone fight for him, but he’d never met anyone like me.

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