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A Thousand Lives

Restoration (Valenshek Legacy #3) by Tate James - Alternate Cover

Restoration (Valenshek Legacy #3) by Tate James - Alternate Cover

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Book #3 of the Valenshek Legacy Series

Tropes: She Fell First, He Fell Harder, Second Chance

It’s always been about the chase. The prize. The puzzle. The Game. I became the best of the best, Hermes, because no one could catch me. No one could touch me.

No one had.

Until her.

She’s everything I never knew I wanted.

She is my life.

It’s been one bad call after another in this Game. It’s cost the woman I love more than I ever wanted her to have to pay. I would give it all up for her, but the Game must be played.

I started this game for my grandfather.

I fought to win to claim the Valenshek Legacy.

Win, lose, or draw, I’m not leaving this town without Tristian Ives.

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