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A Thousand Lives

Locked (Blackstone Gates #1) by K.L. Steele

Locked (Blackstone Gates #1) by K.L. Steele

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Book #1 in the Blackstone Gates Series

Tropes: Dark Paranormal Romance, Fated Mates, Why Choose, Reverse Harem, Vampires, Demons, Hellhounds

From the moment I stepped foot in Blackstone Academy I have been hunted.

I am not safe within these walls, not from the monsters living in the bodies of men, or from the demons in my nightmares. They don't want me here, or so they keep saying.

Their darkness feeds my soul, drawing me in and leaving me broken and bloody. They expect me to run, to fear them.

Instead, they are giving me all the things I crave. Pain. Excitement. Danger.

My life quite literally hangs in the balance whenever they are close and yet my body has never felt so alive.

Only it isn't just the boys of Blackstone after me or the demonic protector that forced his way into my life.
Other sinister beings are out there hunting me, with orders much more deadly than the monsters who forced their way into my soul.

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