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A Thousand Lives

Family Confessions Omnibus by Angel Lawson & A.K. Rose

Family Confessions Omnibus by Angel Lawson & A.K. Rose

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The Complete Family Confessions Series (Books #1 - #3) in one book

Tropes: Dark Romance, Reverse Harem, Stepbrothers x Stepsister

I'm not afraid of evil in the world. I'm afraid of them. Creaking floorboards. Muffled screams. Once night falls I can't remember why I came back to Davenport manor. What I do remember is why I wanted out of here so badly in the first place. They aren't men. They're predators. They don't love. They hunt. Now that I'm back I'm no longer their stepsister. I'm their prey.

Enjoy the entire Family Confessions Collection: Hunted by my Stepbrothers, Captured by my Stepbrothers and Saved by my Stepbrothers

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