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A Thousand Lives

Dark Fae Freed (Broken Court #2) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

Dark Fae Freed (Broken Court #2) by Heather Renee - Hardcover

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Book #2 of the Broken Court Series

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Dark Romance

I had one job - kill the King, and I failed.

I'd once thought ending King Zephyr's reign would be enough for me to move beyond my past, but the longer I'm within the fae realm, the more I realise nothing is as simple as I'd hoped.

My first attempt to take down the castle might have been unsuccessful, but I refuse to accept defeat. The only problem... sea creatures and unknown fae insist on getting in the way and my path back to the castle proves harder than I like.

Between magical swords, my sexy fae, and new allies I'm not sure I can trust, I'll have to figure out my priorities and quickly. Death is in the air, and if I don't make the right decision, it could be more than just my life on the line. It could be my heart, too.

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