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A Thousand Lives

Chased By Him (The Merge 2nd Gen #3) by Kylie Kent

Chased By Him (The Merge 2nd Gen #3) by Kylie Kent

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Book #3 in The Merge Second Generation Series

Tropes: Dark Romance


People take one look at me and see a pretty face.

Because that’s what I want them to see.

What they don’t know is the truth behind the façade I’ve perfected.

The welfare kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

When she looks at me, though, she sees it all.

The one person I haven’t been able to hide from.

The one person who gets me like no one else can.

She’s also the one person I’m not supposed to touch.

But I always get what I want. Eventually.

Hope Williamson will be mine—she already is.

And soon everyone will know it, including her.


I’ve been scared since I was sixteen years old.

I’m really good at pretending I’m not though.

I’ve perfected the art of losing myself in partying hard.

Being the fun, outgoing twin.

The exact opposite of my sister.

I don’t know how he always seems to know.

But he does.

Chase Mathers, my cousin’s best friend.

He knows when I’m afraid.

He chases away my demons like no one else can.

He makes me feel safe…

Even though the monsters lurking behind his eyes should terrify me the most.


Authors Notes: This book contains scenes and discussions of non-consensual sexual acts, domestic violence, profanity, sexual content, violence and miscarraige through trauma. If any of these are triggers for you, you should consider skipping this read.

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